Porsche Carrera GT: Reckless City Drifting

We haven’t seen any extreme Arab Drifting video in quite a while now, but it seems that hooning your vehicle in full traffic is also practiced in Brazil, as shown in the adjacent video.
Porsche Carrera GT: Reckless City Drifting 1 photo
The slip shows us a Porsche Carrera GT that is being recklessly drifted on the middle of a four-lane road in Sao Paulo. The driver of a white Carrera GT exits a Porsche dealer painfully slow, due to ground clearance issues, but suddenly decides to mash the throttle.

He ignores an oncoming scooter and makes a powersliding exit, subsequently continuing to keep the rear end out, making the transition from one side to the other.

While it’s nice to hear that V10 being put to work, it is this kind of driving that develops misconceptions about supercars and the people who own them, so the guy’s attitude is not only dangerous due to potential physical consequences.

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