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Porsche Boxster GTS Press Film: Freedom Behind the Wheel

Porsche has revealed the fastest, most exciting, most jaw dropping Boxster model ever – welcome to the biggest man crisis you will ever have!
Porsche Boxster GTS 1 photo
Honestly, all you really need to know about the new Porsche Boxster GTS is that it comes in red with black wheel and has more power than any Boxster before it. It's the embodiment of everything that's right about the Porsche brand and why every other car company has been playing a catchup game, always trying to be "almost as good as" this roadster.

The car comes complete with a more powerful boxer engine, more standard performance features, and distinctive styling a la Cayenne/Panamera GTS. Equipped with unique front and rear fascias, the hardcore convertible also gets blacked-out headlights and 20-inch Carrera S wheels. 15 extra horsepower has been added to the engine, lifting output to 330 hp.

The bad news is that your mid-life crisis will cost you a lot. Prices will start at $73,500. If you're keen on making this your next sportscar, know that the upcoming New York Auto Show will be your first chance of seeing it in person before the on-sale debut this summer.

Also know that the Boxster has a big brother in the form of the $75,200 Cayman GTS, which is slightly faster and more powerful.

Editor's note: Car commercials are not supposed to encourage fast driving or overtaking in limited visibility, right?

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