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Porsche Boxster Driver Puts Bumper in the Trunk After Crash, Continues Driving

As R&B icon Aaliyah used to say, if, at first, you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. That’s sound life advice, but it should never apply to your reaction after a crash.
Porsche Boxster S driver "thought it would be ok" to drive like this after crash 47 photos
One Porsche Boxster S driver didn’t get the memo so, after crashing his car, he put the rear bumper that fell off his own vehicle inside the trunk and continued on his (probably not very merry) way. His reckless gesture, given the condition of the car, is being turned into a “how not to” example by the UK police.

Like most police departments around the world, the Roads Policing Unit of the Surrey Police is often posting photos and details about strange accidents and incidents. The idea is not to shame the drivers responsible, but rather to use their example to help other drivers why they should never do something like that. Live and learn by watching others, if you will.

Over Boxing Day, on December 26, they got a call from a motorist saying that a badly damaged vehicle was being driven on the M25. Officers pulled over the vehicle, a Porsche Boxster S, and spoke to the driver, who admitted that he “thought it would be ok” if he drove like this after he had gotten into a crash earlier on. He even packed his own rear bumper into the trunk, so as to be able to continue his journey.

A breathalyzer revealed that the driver might have been swayed in making this reckless decision by alcohol, but he was still under the legal limit. However, “the vehicle has been prohibited from use on the road and the driver reported for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition,” police say, adding that “the driver will now seek alternative travel arrangements.”

Laugh as we will, or even slightly admire the driver for his ingenuity in packing his own bumper for the ride, the lesson should be clear. Never be this guy who puts himself and others in danger by driving away from the scene of an accident, in a vehicle that is no longer road-worthy.

Editor's note: The 981 is shown in the gallery.


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