Porsche Believes the Future Is Digital and Is Hiring

Porsche is on a roll with the 992 generation of the popular 911 and is getting ready to electrify even more vehicles soon. But one thing the automaker understood very well is that the internal combustion engine cannot be ditched without some real progress made in the technology department. So, it’s once again attempting to push some boundaries.
Porsche Digital Family and Macan EV Prototype 16 photos
Photo: Porsche / VegarHenriksen on Reddit
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With the recent layoffs announced in the tech sector, hearing that one of the world’s greatest and most liked automakers is hiring might bring a smile to some of our readers’ faces. So, let's look at what's happening because some of you might find this announcement encouraging.

One thing Tesla did right with its strategy to sell battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) was to heavily invest in the right infotainment technology and mobile connectivity. For example, it’s hard to find an automaker whose dedicated app is better than the one created and constantly updated by the Austin-based brand.

Besides that, having a powerful computer capable of running the latest video games in the car may take your mind off not having an exhaust system and can help pass the time while plugged in to recharge at a public DC fast charger.

But for Porsche, things are not that simple. For starters, it’s part of the VW Group. That means it must discuss all sorts of decisions with its family members, which are quite famous themselves. It’s not easy to talk strategy with your siblings when they’re known as Audi or Lamborghini.

Moreover, the total electrification strategy must be done with extraordinary caution. The brand’s customers pay for the driving experience, the brand’s reputation, and the reliability of the cars made in Zuffenhausen or Leipzig. Fortunately, the Taycan experiment was a success and it showed that Porsche has what it takes to continue the automotive fascination beyond the internal combustion engine. The brand’s obsession with e-Fuels proves that we are right in our assessment – the automaker doesn’t want to stop burning dinosaurs and give up on giggles per gallon for the sake of the zero-tailpipe emission dream.

2024 Porsche Macan prototype based on PPE platform
Photo: Porsche
So, it starts by focusing on technology. It can now build by looking at what others did, what its loyal customers want, and what works with the newcomers to the Porsche family.

One executive said that digitalization is essential for the “positioning of the brand towards modern luxury.” But unlike Tesla’s approach, which focuses on giving owners more connectivity and processing power, Porsche wants to create products and services that are based on data. It’s not the wrong approach, but it certainly sounds… German.

Currently, over 2,500 people are working to turn the marque’s digital ambitions into reality. They are in the U.S., China, Israel, Croatia, Romania, and Germany. These people are responsible for developing the brand’s products and services that will be found in the next-gen vehicles like the Macan EV. They all work together and respect the company’s “Takt,” which is a set of principles that help enhance collaboration.

Porsche currently has six goals in the digital realm, which are, as follows:
  • greater speed;
  • focus on value streams;
  • improved agility;
  • customer-centric products;
  • employer attractiveness;
  • data-driven development of virtual products.

To achieve everything it set as a goal, the automaker is also hiring because it wants to grow in the years to come. Even though Artificial Intelligence is the hot potato nowadays, human creativity is unmatched.

The brand says it’s on the lookout for “the best minds and motivated individuals” who want to be a part of the journey that will lead to an innovative future for its vehicle portfolio and buyers.

This corporate language may sound boring and generic, but it is a great opportunity for those that have a knack for tearing down the walls coding for well-off people who want the latest and greatest. Also, considering that not many companies are hiring at the moment, such an opportunity is not to be missed. Especially since such a well-known and loved brand is out to add new members to its roster.
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