Porsche Announces 911 GT3 Recall: Change All the Engines

News of Porsche 911 GT3s catching fire across the world has prompted Porsche to take fast, decisive action. In what we consider to be one of the quickest inspection+recall of recent years, the German company has indeed found what's wrong with its brand new track-special sportscar and how to fix it.
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Unfortunately for them, the fix could prove costly, not only from a marketing point but also financially. 785 991-generation cars have officially been recalled today to have their whole engine replaced with a new one built with stronger components.

Prices from about €140,000 in Germany, the GT3 is not a cheap car and Porsche will work hard to try and keep each individual customer happy until the new engines with stronger bolt connections are built.

In its statement, Porsche "confirmed that engine damage resulted from a loosened fastener on the connecting rod. The loose connecting rod damaged the crankcase, which in both cases led to leakage of oil which then ignited."

From now on, all GT3s will be fitted with better fasteners, including the ones that have not been delivered.

This of course refers to the two officially confirmed cases in Europe, though a total of five GT3 are rumored to have gone ablaze. Reassuringly, Porsche insists no other 911 models or series have these problems. Considering how much money Porsche makes on each car, the new engines are unlikely to affect their bottom line. But CNN reports of cars on fire and the fact that Top Gear presenters are making fun of Richard Hammond, who own the GT3 and can't drive it, are unlikely to help Porsche's image.
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