Porsche 99X Concept Shows a New Path into the Future for the Brand's Classic 911

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Photo: I N V I S I V E on Behance
Porsche 99X ConceptPorsche 99X ConceptPorsche 99X ConceptPorsche 99X ConceptPorsche 99X ConceptPorsche 99X Concept
If we're to believe all cars will be electric in just a decade or two, Porsche has a choice to make: either it kills the 911 line together with the internal combustion engine, or finds an appropriate way to keep it relevant in this new scenery of the automotive world.
Given the option, diehard fans would probably have a difficult time choosing between the two. On the one hand, they won't want to see the model they love so much disappear for good, but on the other hand, they'd probably hate to see it tainted by the electric trend even more. A 911 without a boxer engine isn't a 911, let alone one that doesn't have an engine at all. It's probably why not everyone is so keen on welcoming the Taycan, Porsche's first all-electric model since they see it as the possible harbinger of the apocalypse for the 911.

Luckily, that's something we don't have to think about right now, even though we suspect the idea is very much on somebody's table inside the company. We don't have to think about it, but that doesn't mean we can't. A design enthusiast from Romania who goes by the name of I N V I S I V E on Behance did just that when he created the Porsche 99X Concept, a battery-powered car meant to replace the 911 in 2035.

It doesn't take more than one glace to realize this design study has more in common with the 918 Spyder hybrid hypercar than any 911 you can think of. However, that's just the design cues because as far as size and proportions go, it is definitely closer to a sports car than a pure-bred performance vehicle.

The overly complicated rear end features the recently introduced light bar that connects the taillights together, but it also has tons of stylist gimmicks that look out of place on a 911 successor. Also, considering 911s had a rear window even when the engine was hosed back there, it makes no sense for an electric one to have that opaque cover there, even with all the rear-facing cameras in the world. You can't replace natural light inside the cabin.

Apart from the rear, which doesn't really fit with either Porsche's design philosophy or the rest of this concept, the 99X looks very appealing. It probably wouldn't be sexy enough to offset the loss of the boxer engine by looks alone for some, but let's not forget it's 2035, so who knows what people will go for in those days.
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