Porsche 996 Driver Crashes After Full Demonstration of What Not to Do on an Interstate

Porsche 911 crash on the interstate 11 photos
Photo: ViralHog / YouTube screenshot
Porsche 911 crash on the interstatePorsche 911 crash on the interstatePorsche 911 crash on the interstatePorsche 911 crash on the interstatePorsche 911 crash on the interstatePorsche 911 crash on the interstatePorsche 911 crash on the interstatePorsche 911 crash on the interstatePorsche 911 crash on the interstatePorsche 911 crash on the interstate
The whole idea of Interstates and other similar fast-paced roads is to simplify driving and, at the same time, make getting around as quick and safe as possible.
The idea is simple – instead of worrying about cars coming the other way, there's now a big, solid divider between the two directions so you know that every vehicle around you is headed the same way as you. Of course, every once in a blue moon, someone will manage to make a mess out of what is undoubtedly a very clear system by going the wrong way, but it's by no means a common occurrence.

In fact, that reminds me of a joke I once heard. The wife is listening to the news and hears about a car going the wrong way down the highway her husband uses to go to work. She decides to warn him about it, so she gives him a call: "Honey, they're saying on the news there's one guy going against the traffic somewhere on your way to work, so be careful" The husband replies: "One guy? Sweetheart, there are HUNDREDS of them!"

Well, you'd think one-direction traffic over a high number of lanes should make everything quite simple, but don't ever underestimate some drivers' ability to mess things up even when they seem unmessable. There are multiple ways in which you can be a nuisance on the highway, from tailgating to hogging the middle lane or, perhaps the worst of all, undertaking.

The latter is especially dangerous because a lot of people don't tend to check their right-side mirror when moving to their right, and even though that's obviously a mistake, there's an explanation why it happens so often: you're only supposed to pass cars on their left.

The guy in the clip below was definitely aware of the Porsche 911 Carrera coming from behind because they sure didn't waste any time getting on the horn after the German sports car had undertaken them. I'd go as far as to guess they were staying in the middle lane on purpose, to "teach" the speeding driver a lesson, despite the fact there was plenty of room in the right lane and no slower cars.

I'm not going to pass the blame on whoever was driving the dashcam car because that would be just wrong, but they do seem to fit the typical middle-lane hogger profile - a behavior that is very often what causes undertaking. Again, I'm not saying this excuses the 911 driver, but I'm just putting it out there.

It's not just that they're breaking the law that should keep the Porsche driver from ever speeding again, but also everything they do once the car enters the frame. If I were to guess, I'd say the 996 moved from the left-most lane to the right-most just behind the car with the dashcam, and when the driver tried to move back into the left lane, the quick direction shift caused the tail to swerve to the right.

They then try to correct to the left, but it's too late and the car is out of control. Initially, it looks like they might get away with a little more than a scare as the Porsche does a 360 before seemingly settling into the middle lane. However, because amid all the commotion the driver had forgotten to straighten the wheels, the car launches to its left and into the concrete barrier. That may not be a classic Porsche model yet – and it's also one of the least attractive, according to most people – but it's still painful to watch. Not as painful as hearing the filming driver honk all the way through, though.

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