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Porsche 959 Gets Hot Rod "Conversion", Has Exposed Engine Compartment

Yes, it's clear: the rendering that brought us here will infuriate Porsche purists, while me calling it a hot rod will have the same effect on an even larger automotive fan base. Then again, when a Porsche 959 looks like it's been chopped up in a thousands of little pieces and rebuilt with added spice, this deserves special attention.
Porsche 959 hot rod rendering 1 photo
Zuffenhausen engineers invested serious resources in calibrating the all-paw hardware of the 959, which was revolutionary at the time, with wheel and tire dimensions obviously playing a crucial role.

Well, you can forget all that, as this Porscha comes with tires that scream "uber-fat". And while those fat fenders try to conceal the said goodies up front, the rear wheels are completely exposed. Then again, so is the entire engine compartment.

Who knows, perhaps this is more than the need for fresh air. Maybe it's the Internet rebelling again the fact that you can't reach the engine (as an owner) on modern 911s.

This velocity tool has been further spiced-up with elements such as a carbon fiber air scoop for its flat-six. Oh, and let's not forget that floating light bar, which is a showstopper on its own.

Even the livery is special, since this is a nod to famous Porschephile Magnus Walker and his 277 air-cooled Neunelfer.There's more to this image than meets the eye
At first, renders such as this one might appear extreme, but sometimes they're mirrored by real life builds that are just as wild.

For instance, Yasid Oozeear, the digital artist who sits behind this pixel painting, mentions that the whole thing is an exercise, since he's designing a somewhat similar take for a 930.

And the pixel wielder is doing this together with Govad Forged Wheels, the aftermarket developer who delivered the rims for that Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod.


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