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Porsche 918-917K Mashup and Mazda RX-Vision Le Mans GTE Racecars Rendered

This year's Le Mans grid has plenty of machines that await to thrills us on Sunday, but the internet can never let such things untouched, so renderings envisioning almost-impossible racecars, such as the ones below, almost seem normal nowadays.
Porsche 918-917K mashup 1 photo
We're here to give you a pair of pixel manipulations coming from Carwow (they've came up with a larger selection), which show what could happen if the Circuit de la Sarthe would be the land of our dreams.

Since Porsche seems ready to dominate the LMP1 category for the second year in a row during this weekend's race, we'll start with the brilliant 918-917K mashup you can find below.

Perhaps the strangest part about this Zuffenhausen melange comes from the difference between its two parts. We'll remind you the 917 allowed Porsche to grab its first overall victory on the French track, back in 1970 and 1971. Nevertheless, the version we "have" here is the Kurzheck evolution of the original (you can just add a "K" at the end of the numeric designation), which stands for short tail.

On the other hand, the 918 Spyder hasn't even received a motorsport incarnation. That's even stranger when you consider that the LaFerrari has become the FXX K, while the McLaren P1 was gifted with a GTR version, one that many owners enjoy giving the road legal treatment.

As for the second Le Mans rendering we have here, it's impossible to say "Le Mans" without thinking of Mazda's thunder strike soundtrack 787B. And since the Japanese automaker is reviving the Wankel engine, the RX-Vision concept being used in the process was the natural choice.

Sure, contraptions such as the ones mentioned above would have to race in the LMGTE class, but this would only amplify the spectacle below LPM1 level. But such a need is another story for another time.


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