Porsche 911 Turbo Driven on Train Tracks Is a Really Bad Idea

Ladies and gentlemen, from the depths of the world wide web, we bring you... a Porsche 911 Turbo whose driver thinks he's locomotive engineer (call him train driver, if you must).
Porsche 911 Turbo Driven on Train Tracks 4 photos
Porsche 911 Turbo Driven on Train TracksPorsche 911 Turbo Driven on Train TracksPorsche 911 Turbo Driven on Train Tracks
We're dealing with a 997.1 Turbo, with the Neunelfer having received plenty of aftermarket touches. It's enough to check out the Purple hue of the senior supercar, as well as its custom wheels, to understand that drawing attention was a priority for this project. Oh, and let's not forget those straight pipes.

As for the track adventure of the rear-engined coupe, we're glad the photoshoot involving this didn't convince the owner to drive onto a line that's actually used by trains - as you'll get to see in the video below, the industrial line used appears to be safe.

It's almost amusing when you think that, back in the day, owning a Porsche was all about enjoying its understated nature, dipping into the performance without too many people noticing.

Many people who adorn their driveways with Zuffenhausen machines nowadays steer clear of that path and don't imagine this only involves guys and girls who grab used Porsches and want to turn them into attention magnets. Oh no.

For one thing, when you dress up your already flamboyant-looking 911 GT3 RS PDK in Rosso Corsa (allow us to remind you this is Ferrari's signature color), you're definitely crossing understatement borders.

But perhaps the most common form of making a GT3 RS stand out, even among its kind, is to turn to the wrap industry. Whether we're talking about a new age take on the good old Martini Livery of a completely crazy approach involving a World War II Shark Teeth Fighter theme and a custom 19-inch wheel setup, there are plenty of such examples out there.

P.S.: While this guy probably only risked his Porsche, here's a Ferrari Enzo driver and tuning shop owner who blocked traffic in Monterey, California, only to have his Carbon Enzo photographed.

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