Porsche 911 "Turbo Camel" Ad Is Spot On

As the die-hard Porsche enthusiasts among you might have noticed, the eye candy we have here comes from an artist called Chris Labrooy. The gear head has been putting his style at the disposal of the Zuffenhausen brand for quite some time now and if you're new to this, don't worry - you'll easily recognize his visual stunts in the future.
Porsche 911 "Turbo Camel" Ad 9 photos
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For instance, the Scottish-born artist is famous for his Flamingo Neunelfers, which often portray air-cooler machines floating in thin air - here's an example of such a visual stunt.

Well, Chris recently decided to go for another spirit animal, going for a camel instead of a flamingo. And, apparently, this doesn't float as well, since we can now see it resting on top of a 992 Neunelfer, the Carrera (S) kind. Of course, the camel is part of a 911,having been integrated into a 930 Turbo.

Now, you might wonder what determined the pixel master to make the said change. And you should know it has to do with the destination of this ad - we're talking about a stunt commissioned by Porsche Middle East.

Keep in mind that you can notice the spectacular melange in the social media post at the bottom of the page.

For the record, we're talking about a 3D modeler whose portfolio involves work for brands such as Apple, Citroen and Nike, which have chosen to use his hyper-real vision to spread their message.

Speaking of Porsche ads, the German automotive producer's recent 2020 Superbowl commercial gave us something to talk about, since it allowed us to catch the first glimpse at an uncamouflaged 992 911 GT3.

Perhaps the most important reveal comes from the rear wing of the upcoming GT Division animal, which is just as large as the provisional aero element seen on the prototypes suggested. Expect to meet the naturally aspirated special next year.


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