Porsche 911 Safari Is the Offroad Sportscar Zuffenhausen Should Build on Halloween

It’s been quite a while since we heard any fresh rumors on the Porsche 911 Safari topic. With Halloween already creeping upon us, we wanted to remind you we all hoped Zuffenhausen would go a bit berserk one day and build us an offroad-savvy 911.
Porsche 911 Safari rendering 1 photo
As we said, the information hasn’t exactly been rich on this topic over the last year or so, but we’ve come across a rendering that shows what could happen if Porsche wanted one of their sportscars to show the Dakar rally competition how things are done once again.

Sure, the rugged terrain-friendly 911 we see in this rendering has gone down the exaggeration route. But we can’t help giggling at the thought of a mix between a Neunelfer belonging to the current 991 generation and a set of portal axles such as the ones portrayed here.

Knowing Porsche, the axles would probably be hydraulically-flexible, allowing for different setups depending on the driver’s preferences, with the entire scheme being controlled through the 918-like dial present on the 2017 911 facelift’s just-as-918-inspired steering wheel.

Oh, and you can ignore the Peugeot wheels seen here. Porsche would probably come up with Fuchs wheels featuring a bead lock mechanism that would keep the heavy duty tires in place - these wheels were digitally borrowed from a Dakar-spec Peugeot.

Just think of all the winter driving possibilities such a development would bring. And given the height of the Neunelfer, the contraption would allow for controlable two-wheel stunts.

Once again, these would be included in a special driving mode, one that could use brake-based inputs to help the driver drive the machine on two wheels. We’re not sure about the autonomy of such a contraption, but we think a solution could be found, as Porsche is always happy to find reasons to pay its engineers. Don't expect this mechanical fantasy to become production reality too soon, though.

Image via: HugoSilva Designs


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