Porsche 911 R Spotted at Dutch Gas Station Is a Road Warrior

Porsche 911 R Spotted at Dutch Gas Station 4 photos
Photo: Autogespot
Porsche 911 R Spotted at Dutch Gas StationPorsche 911 R Spotted at Dutch Gas StationPorsche 911 R Spotted at Dutch Gas Station
The Porsche 911 we're here to show you brings plenty of reasons to jump for joy. And the most important one has to do with a 911 R being put to road use rather than receiving the dreaded garage queen treatment.
We have to admit that we love to see a Zuffenahusen machine sporting signs of dirt, as is the case with the one we have here, rather than showing up in spotless form inside a garage. And one only needs to remember what happened on the used Neunelfer market before the introduction of the 991.2 GT3 to understand why.

Did we say "used"? We should've mentioned "speculation" instead. You see, despite the German automotive producer offering the 911 R to 918 Spyder customers, there were plenty of buyers who decided to flip their cars for profit.

And since the R mixes a six-speed stick shift (at the time, GT cars only came in PDK form) with uber-exclusivity (we're looking at a production run of 991 units), speculators drove the prices to absurd levels, with certain examples sprinting towards the $1 million mark.

Zuffenhausen replied by introducing the Touring Package version of the Gen 2 GT3, which is basically a wingless incarnation of the 500 hp beast - it does pack a Gurney flap, though. And, since the differences between the GT3 TP and the R are rather small, this seems to have been enough to bring things back to normal.

Oh, and Porsche also promised to keep an even closer eye on the behavior of limited edition models' owners. So here's to hoping that situations such as the one described above remain confined to the history books.

And while we're inviting you to check out the R we have here, which is having a quick meal at a Dutch gas station (images via Autogespot), there's one more thing we need to mention - the new GT3 RS, which is coming next sprint, won't follow the 2018 GT3 down the optional six-speed manual path.
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