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Porsche 911 GT3 RS vs 911 GT3 Comparison Sees Walter Rohrl Hooning the Rennsport

Ever wondered what makes the RS incarnation of the Porsche 911 GT3 so special? Everybody expects the Rennsport badge to make wonders, but where does the hefty premium this model requires go?
Walter Rohrl driving Porsche 911 GT3 RS 1 photo
After all, the standard GT3, if we may call it so, is enough of an exotic purchase, coming with a $130,400 MSRP. So let's move on to see what happens when you dial things up to the $175,900 starting price of the GT3 RS.

We've talked about this pair of naturally aspirated Neunelfers on multiple occasions, while Zuffenhausen itself has explained each of them during their launches.

However, we are now here to give you a brief but intense comparison, one that happens to involve just the right people for such a moment.

It all happens in the piece of footage below, which comes straight from Porsche. The carmaker has asked its driving god, Walter Rohrl, to get behind the wheel of the GT3 RS and stretch the mechanical legs of the machine a bit.

Spoiler alert: We've rarely seen the 68-year-old German racing driver expressing his feelings and emotions so strongly.

Then there's Andreas Preuninger, the man who helms Porsche's GT division. He's the kind of guy who could explain why the GT3 RS doesn't just come with a spicy price tag but is also difficult to get a hold of due to its limited production. But Herr GT is not here to talk about why they're only building 2,000 units of the RS per year.

Basically, it's all down to one thing. Having street cars with serious track potential, such as the GT3, is awesome, but the kind of owner who visits the track more often will need things to be dialed up even further.

Whether we're talking about extra downforce that allows the kind corner overtaking we all dream about or racecar-like components, which can endure your prolonged circuit sessions, the engineering that goes into the RS will keep your mind busy long after you've parked the machine.

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