Porsche 911 GT3 Go-Kart Has KTM Engine, Sounds Savage

Back in the late 40s, when the Porsche 356 was born, a 51 hp output was only natural. And I haven't chosen this number randomly, since this happens to be the muscle figure of the KTM motorcycle engine that animates the 911 GT3 go-kart sitting before us.
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Porsche 911 GT3 Go-Kart Has KTM EnginePorsche 911 GT3 Go-Kart Has KTM EnginePorsche 911 GT3 Go-Kart Has KTM Engine
We're looking at a home-brewed contraption, one that might seem like the usual 911 children cars you can find in the showrooms of the German automotive producer - that visual connection is here since the vehicle features the body of 911 GT3 Power Wheels.

However, the plastic body is stretched to its limit. For one thing, this is mounted on a steel frame, the kind you might expect to find on a go-kart.

And the frunk lid of the Porsche toy is no longer present, since the nose of the machine now accommodates a 450cc motor from a KTM enduro motorcycle. This sips gas using a 1.7-gallon fuel cell.

And while this plastic creature never came with a roof, its open cabin now includes a go-kart seat that allows it to accommodate an adult. Then there's the steering wheel that sports the Porsche crest and reminds one of the unit used by the three-times Le Mans winner 919 Hybrid by bringing together multiple controls of the tiny ride.

A generous wing (for this scale) sits just behind the seat, with this creating some shade for the radiator mounted underneath it. And while we're talking about the posterior of the not a Power Wheels anymore, let's take some time to zoom in on the dual exhaust tips, which use the mid-apron layout of the original Neunelfer.

You can check out the piece of footage below to see Steve Hessick, the builder behind this crazy ride, introducing the little beast to the world - you'll get to see a whole forum build thread compressed into an 8-minute video, street hooning updates and all.

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