Porsche 911 Crashes after Driver Tries Launch Control Traffic Merge

Sometimes when we're behind the wheel, strange questions pop in our heads. And while some of these are sillier than others, the one we're here to showcase certainly deserves a Darwin Award. To be more precise, the driver of a Porsche 911 seems to have wondered if the Launch Control feature of his sportscar could be useful for merging into traffic.
Porsche 911 Crash 6 photos
Porsche 911 CrashPorsche 911 CrashPorsche 911 CrashPorsche 911 CrashPorsche 911 Crash
Come to think of it, the question above might not be the exact thing the Neunelfer guy had in mind. Nevertheless, we can be certain of the fact that he decided to put his plan into action. And, to nobody's surprise but his own, this led to an accident.

The crash took place while the Porsche, a member of the recent 991.1 generation (the pre-revamp version of the current car), was attending an automotive event in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Heck, if we zoom in on the piece of footage documenting the ridiculous adventure, we can even see the man setting up the car so that it could break traction and deliver a supposedly glorious sideways takeoff - the guy did manage to smoke the rear tires, though.

Fortunately for the driver, as well as for his Zuffenhausen machine, the 911 didn't gather enough momentum for a serious crash. Nevertheless, we can see the Porsche going into the guardrail nose-first. Fortunately, the rear-engined configuration of the vehicle helped minimize the damage.

It's worth mentioning that the Porsche 911 was far from the only go-fast machine that crashed during the said event. In fact, we spoke of three other cars that were involved in accidents while attending the velocity gathering.

And while we're not sure of the damage sustained by the pair of McLarens on this list, we can tell you that a sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 ended up mounting the guardrail, with this nearly turning the muscle car into a three-wheeler.

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