Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Murders BMW M4 CS In Drag Race

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Murders BMW M4 CS In Drag Race 2 photos
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Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Murders BMW M4 CS In Drag Race
Porsche just launched the first turbocharged Cayman and Boxster GTS models. So it's a perfect time to talk about the 911 Carrera GTS. It too downsized and adopted some turbos.
Of course, the move is as predictable as the twin-turbo in the Cayenne GTS. While the purists lament the loss of pure flat-6 engine sounds, there are obvious benefits.

The 911 GTS hasn't lost that much regarding displacement, going from a 3.8 to a 3.0-liter engine. On paper, the output isn't that high: 450 HP and 550 Nm. Still, that's 30 HP and 50 Nm more than the Carrera S, thanks in part to larger turbochargers being used. But Porsche must have hidden a couple of hundred ponies somewhere.

That's how the drag we're showing you looks: two cars from completely different classes, like a base 911 racing the Turbo. Maybe even worse!

Some people say the M4 is not a rival for the 911, but endless comparison reviews dating back to the E46 era says otherwise. This isn't the average model either, but the recently updated CS. The track stuff doesn't help when they're going in a straight line, but the fact that the engine now makes 460 HP should contribute.

Sure, the M4 pays a weight penalty of 110 kilograms. But this is a 1-kilometer race where the more powerful car should shine.

With the engine hanging right over the rear tires, the 911 GTS has fantastic traction off the line, pulling away cleanly from its Bavarian rival. Who needs all-wheel drive anyway? It continues to stretch its lead and crosses the finish line in 22.9 seconds, 1.1 seconds quicker.

This kind of performance isn't cheap, though. The GTS lineup starts from $119,000 for the base coupe, and that's before you add any nice toys. The regular M4 is nearly as fast, but this M4 CS is also quite expensive. U.S. pricing hasn't been announced, but expect it to sit around the $100,000 mark. Still, that's better than the $133,205 base price of the M4 GTS.

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