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Porsche 718 Boxster Ad Shows Why a Porsche-Loving Wife Is Lovely

Married couples who have managed to find the recipe for living a happy life together have one thing in common - on many occasions, a simple gaze between the two is enough to kickstart the fire. This is one of the aspects we find in Porsche's latest commercial, with the ad showing how you and your SO can enjoy the now-turbocharged mid-engine pleasures together.
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As for the title above, what's there not to love about a wife or girlfriend who adores a Boxster? The understated nature of any Zuffenhausen machine has always made us tip our helmets to those who choose them over the screaming nature of a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.

Sure, this clip describes the ideal situation where you and your SO make full use of the Boxster's newly-found low-end torque. As life has taught us, reality doesn't happen to fit such sunshine-related portraits too often, so what do you do when you need a more complete approach?

Well, one solution would be to develop an even better relationship to your financial adviser and buy a 911, so that the little ones can also enjoy the Porsche spirit.

Let's face it - by the time you end up affording one of these German instruments of precision, your family probably includes more than two people. And that's what the Neunelfer's rear seats are here for.

Returning to the Boxster, the four-cylinder turbo revolution brought by the more-than-a-facelift 718-ization process means we'll have to reinvent the way in which we look at the mid-engined sportscar.

And while we still have to wait in order to get behind the wheel and give you our driving opinions, we wouldn't bet on anything but a positive feel. Why? Because we hate losing bets.

Until the driving part can happen, we'll meet the 718 Boxster in the metal at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March, where it may or may not be accompanied by the yet-unrevealed 718 Cayman.

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