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Popular YouTuber Reveals That Seeing the SpaceX Rockets at Starbase Is Effortless

SpaceX could be considered one of the best outcomes of the American dream. An entrepreneur gathered a brilliant, loyal, and creative team around him, had them build incredibly complicated vehicles that launch into space, and now they can be admired in all their glory from just a couple of feet away. It’s all revealed by a well-known YouTuber.
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Have you ever dreamed of seeing rockets from up close? Or maybe you wanted to take your kids to a memorable place? Well, maybe you should think about picking Boca Chica Beach as your next vacation destination. Not only does it provide visitors with access to the Gulf of Mexico, but it also serves as the location for SpaceX’s Starbase.

The What’s Inside? Family YouTube channel provides those interested in the matters of space traveling, physics, chemistry, computers, math, and freight with a magnificent view of what people from the U.S.A and other countries can achieve by working together on a common goal. NASA just got themselves new friends and it looks like they will have a very good relationship that might just be in the best interest of humankind.

The most surprising thing about visiting Starbase isn’t the rockets that constitute an incredible sight but the fact that access isn’t heavily restricted. You could just get up one morning and decide to drive there with no worries that someone will stop you from admiring the incredible work of engineers, scientists, and computer-savvy people.

However, the YouTuber reveals that the unrestricted part of the Starbase is the one where the rocket ships are assembled. The final preparation stages are happening on a well-guarded site. This is shown in the second part of the video, where the travelers also find out it’s hard to charge a Tesla if you’re not a SpaceX employee. But they still manage to find a spot!

Now watch their adventure and think about planning your own.

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