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Popular CarPlay Music App Crashes Maps, Doesn’t Actually Play Anything

In theory, Apple’s walled garden should make CarPlay the more stable and reliable alternative to Android Auto, but in practice, this really isn’t the case.
The experience with music player is far from flawless on CarPlay 1 photo
CarPlay users come across occasional glitches every once in a while, and today, many of them are reporting struggles with Amazon Music whenever they’re trying to play a song.

Amazon Music is obviously one of the most popular music services on iPhone and CarPlay, and despite not having the same large userbase as Spotify, it remains one of the key players in this growing side of the market.

But as many CarPlay users have apparently discovered, using Amazon Music behind the wheel is quite a struggle, as the app not only fails to play any songs but also causes other issues, eventually leading to Apple Maps to crash unexpectedly.

The living proof is this reddit discussion thread where so many users are complaining of the same thing with Amazon Music, and in most of the cases, the behavior is pretty much the same. The app can’t start playing a track, and when switching to Apple Maps, it causes the navigation app to crash.

Some say these problems have been around for a while, but others claim the whole thing appeared rather recently, so for now, what we know for sure is that it’s something Amazon needs to look into and resolve as soon as possible.

Users commenting in the linked thread claim they ended up giving up on Amazon Music entirely just because of similar problems, so eventually, the faster the fix arrives, the better for everybody, including for Amazon itself.

In the meantime, there’s not much you can do, though others suggest replacing Apple Maps with other navigation apps, such as Google Maps or Waze. Amazon Music does come with integration for some of them, and in theory, this should no longer cause a crash when switching apps.


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