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Popular App Launches on Android Auto, CarPlay Support Also Available

If you live in the United Kingdom and never heard of RingGo, then you probably have no idea how convenient it can make finding a parking spot in crowded regions.
RingGo on Android 8 photos
RingGo on AndroidRingGo on AndroidRingGo on AndroidRingGo on AndroidRingGo on AndroidRingGo on AndroidRingGo on Android
The app comes with the full package, and it allows drivers to discover nearby parking locations, book and extend the parking, view receipts and parking history, all from the mobile navigation.

With support for Android and iPhone already available since day one, it was obviously just a matter of time until the app evolved beyond the mobile screen to the one in the car. Last year, for example, RingGo was updated with support for Apple’s CarPlay, and now it’s time for the app to make its debut on Android Auto as well.

RingGo is therefore available in the car, where the experience is powered by an Android device connected to the head unit.

Of course, there’s nothing special that you need to do. Just make sure the app is installed and configured on your mobile device, and when Android Auto loads, you should see its icon on the app launcher.

RingGo works on Android Auto exactly as you’d expect it to work. You can see the nearby parking locations and get driving instructions to reach the address.

If you’ve been using Android Auto for a while, you certainly know this idea isn’t exactly new, as similar apps have been available on Google’s platform since last year when the search giant unlocked the platform for more software categories.

But on the other hand, RingGo launching on Android Auto means the app ecosystem keeps growing, and in the long term, this helps Google’s service grow bigger in a way that makes more sense for users. Of course, RingGo is specifically focused on the U.K. market, but if you’re looking for similar capabilities in the United States, apps like SpotHero should definitely come in handy in this regard.


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