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Pontiac “Trans Camino” Feels Just a Little Off, Exactly Like a Hot Tub Time Machine

Did it ever happen to start a movie and realize it is so bad that it has the potential to become a cult classic? I had that feeling with 2010’s “Hot Tub Time Machine” but it never lived up to my personal hype… until now.
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am El Camino mashup rendering by jlord8 8 photos
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am El Camino mashup rendering by jlord8Pontiac FirebirdPontiac FirebirdPontiac FirebirdPontiac FirebirdPontiac FirebirdPontiac Firebird
Most people have probably never heard of this Sci-Fi comedy. And if they had, they probably wanted to forget all about it as quickly as they could, especially if they also watched the appalling 2015 sequel that made sure the original will never become a treasured “it’s so bad it’s good” type of gem.

I have no idea if Jim, the virtual artist better known as jlord8 on social media, has decided to just play the weirdo CGI game with us or remind everyone of that quirky Sci-Fi movie. Maybe it is just my mind playing John Cusack in a hot tub with depressed, estranged adult male friends’ tricks on me.

But if there was ever a third chapter to complete one of the most unlikely franchises out there, they should probably have a prop master come up with a real-life Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with El Camino coupe utility traits, just like the prolific pixel master did!

Anyway, the CGI expert himself noted that “sometimes the ideas are a little wacky,” so even he thinks that with this digital project, things might seem a little off. The proportions, according to some of the fans, or the potential for the 1980s “Smokey and the Bandit” jokes as someone even noted they “spontaneously grew a mustache looking at this.”

Well, at least we know for sure this is merely wishful thinking… Alas, one can only imagine what might have happened if Burt Reynolds got this “Trans Camino” instead of a “normal” Firebird Trans Am. Scratch that, I was just writing without thinking too much…

Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of Pontiac Firebird.


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