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Pontiac Trans Am "Blower Bandit" Has a Supercharger for Days

The Pontiac Trans Am featured in the "Smokey and the Bandit" movie is probably the coolest example in the history of the Firebird, so it hardly needs extra spice, at least in the visual department. Then again, this doesn’t mean digital artists who live to customize machines in the 3D environment will leave the muscle car untouched. In fact, we're here to zoom in on such a rendering right now.
Pontiac Trans Am "Blower Bandit" rendering 7 photos
Pontiac Trans Am "Blower Bandit" renderingPontiac Trans Am "Blower Bandit" renderingPontiac Trans Am "Blower Bandit" renderingPontiac Trans Am "Blower Bandit" renderingPontiac Trans Am "Blower Bandit" renderingPontiac Trans Am "Blower Bandit" rendering
The motion picture, which started out slow, but eventually ended up sitting behind Star Wars on the 1977 box office podium, saw Burt Reynolds hooning the hell out of an actual Trans Am. This was the go-faster package for the Firebird, but its 6.6-liter V8 only delivered a modest 185 horsepower and this is where the pixel exercise we have here comes into play.

You see, the rendering takes the Poncho deep down the pro-touring route, gifting the vehicle with the type of driving dynamics that would allow it to take on quite a few modern performance machines.

The engine compartment, which can no longer conceal the V8 hardware, is the showstopper here. That's because the engine lurking in front of the firewall comes with a massive supercharger, blower hat and all, while the unusual exhaust setup turns heads like few others.

The front end of this Trans Am, which is hardly a sleeper, has air intakes sitting in between the LED light clusters, while the two sides of the fascia are adorned by rugged pieces.

The widebody kit of the machine is downright brutal, with a front skirt completing the front-end airflow manipulation. The simple take of the custom posterior, which adds a wickerbill and call it a day, is quite surprising, but it does stay true to the original design.

As for the upper side of the vehicle, this features goodies such as a complex louvre setup, as well as a roll cage for the Targa beast that is this virtual project.

And you should know that Timothy Adry Emmanuel is the digital artist responsible for this Trans Am.


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