Pontiac GTO Shows Modernized Muscle in Widebody Rendering

Up until recently, when the pressure of electrification became real for the muscle car segment, many people took these delicious brutes for granted. Well, now that we know the end is near for the current form of these V8 monsters, let's take a moment to think of the classic that receives plenty of credit for popularizing the big-engine-on-intermediate-platform recipe. That would be the Pontiac GTO, and the rendering sitting before us is a pixel ode to the departed monster.
Pontiac GTO widebody rendering 4 photos
Pontiac GTO widebody renderingPontiac GTO widebody renderingPontiac GTO widebody rendering
The original GTO showed up back in 1964, about the same time as the first Mustang. However, while the Ford was a sporty proposal that quickly evolved into a high-horsepower animal, not least thanks to extensive facelifts, the Poncho landed in such form from the get-go.

In fact, with GM having limited intermediate platforms such as the A-body serving the machine to a displacement of 330 ci (5.4 liters), the GTO was introduced via a loophole. Rather than being born as a standalone model, it was initially offered as an option pack for the Pontiac LeMans, bringing forth a 389 ci (6.4L) V8 borrowed from full-size models such as the Catalina and Bonneville.

However, the model portrayed here is the 1965 facelift, which saw the vehicle's body gaining 3.1 inches (79 mm) in length, despite the wheelbase remaining unchanged. Of course, that brought a weight penalty of around 100 lbs (45 kg), but the brakes and suspension were also upgraded and so was the motor.

This digital build proposes a modernized incarnation of the Pontiac. So, while the retro sheet metal is still in place, the hardtop coupe now sports the kind of aero you'd expect to find on a modern vehicle of the sort, starting with the LED goodies adorning the iconic vertically-stacked headlights.

In addition, the GTO now sport massive overfenders that accommodate custom wheels featuring a multi-spoke design, as well as an air dam turned into a full-size front apron.

That '65 revision included an egg-crate grille and a non-functional hood scoop. And while the former is still here, the scoop seems to have been brought higher. The move appears to continue the effort certain dealers made back in the day, with some turning the element into a cold air intake.

Digital artist Emmanuel Brito (a.k.a. personalizatuauto), came up with two different specs for the pixel-restomodded Pontiac GTO, and choosing between them depends on the relationship one has with chrome.


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