Pontiac G6 Driver Does All Kinds of Wrongs Through Busy Intersection

Pontiac G6 driver gets everything wrong 6 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Pontiac G6 driver gets everything wrongPontiac G6 driver gets everything wrongPontiac G6 driver gets everything wrongPontiac G6 driver gets everything wrongPontiac G6 driver gets everything wrong
After spending a fair amount of time on this planet, you start to think you can at least understand most of the things that can happen on this rock we all share.
You don't know everything, you don't have all the answers, but you can at least come up with a hypothesis, weigh in with your own opinion, have something to say about a subject. It's called experience - having seen enough things to make something out of most situations. Well, Mr. Know-It-All, how do you explain this?

The first part is pretty easy. Either the Pontiac G6 driver was too busy undertaking the Subaru Crosstrek to notice the lane they were on was heading toward Greensboro, and they didn't want to go to Greensboro, or they simply had a change of heart at the last moment. They just didn't want to take the exit and decided to go for it at all cost.

Nothing particularly out of the ordinary so far. We've all done things behind the wheel that would look pretty bad if somebody was there to film it, right? Right? No? Just me? Damn, maybe I have more in common with this person than I would like to think.

Hard on the brakes, swerve left, get into the lane, whoooaa, don't get into the second lane, though. The driver overcorrects to try and keep the G6 in the right lane (despite the fact that the second one was empty, therefore safe to use for maneuvering), which causes them to lose control and spin.

No biggie. I mean, they did roll rear-first into an intersection, but that's what traffic lights are for - to keep other cars from slamming into drivers slowly reversing through the junction. OK, that's done, now what's next? Obviously, you try and put as much distance between yourself and everyone who witnessed your antics before the shame kills you.

What would you have done? Maybe turn left (previously right) and head over to Greensboro after all since it's the quickest getaway? Or just turn around and continue forward? They both seem like much better options than the one our driver actually took. They continued reversing through the intersection and performed a 180-degree turn (or a J-turn, as they call it in Hollywood), but only as soon as there was a curb nearby to crash into. The only thing we can say to all this is "thank you for the entertainment".

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