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Pontiac Executive Floating in New York Looks Stretched in Amazing NFT Rendering

If somebody told us about a stretched 1968 Pontiac Executive Coupe, our first thought would probably involve a build gifting the classic model with an elongated wheelbase and perhaps some of the top-end features it skipped back in the day (more on this below). But what if that stretch took place on the Z-axis? Welcome to the world of digital art and NFTs.
Pontiac Executive Floating in New York (NFT rendering) 6 photos
Pontiac Executive Floating in New York (NFT rendering)Pontiac Executive Floating in New York (NFT rendering)Pontiac Executive Floating in New York (NFT rendering)Pontiac Executive Floating in New York (NFT rendering)Pontiac Executive Floating in New York (NFT rendering)
Between 1967 and 1970, the Executive range served as Pontiac's mid-level offering, sharing the dimensions of the Bonneville top dog, wheelbase included, albeit while missing some of the range-topper's lavish features and sharing the V8 engines with the less expensive Catalina models.

And the 1968 example we're currently feasting our eyes on has been parked inside the mind of Chris Labrooy for quite some time now. The name of the digital artist might sound familiar to those of you who follow our Speed Shot tales since we constantly cover his work.

Regardless, you might already be familiar with his work since the CGI master has collaborated with brands ranging from automotive labels such as Porsche, Jaguar, and Lamborghini to Apple, Nike and AT&T, among others.

With NFT (non-fungible token) art having entered the mainstream this year, we naturally set out to follow some of our favorite artists in this new realm that opens new possibilities for creators and collectors alike, so here we are, tracking Labrooy's journey.

This Poncho work, which was originally completed in 2013 and involves multiple angles/examples of the vehicle, as you can notice in the images above, made its way into the artist's NFT portfolio on SupeRRare—the intro image above is listed as a unique edition.

With the piece placed on the said marketplace eight days ago, the highest bid presently sits at 8 ETH (that would be $18,298 or €15,331 at the current conversion rate). And while this made for the highest number submitted for a Labrooy NFT to date, the artist hadn't accepted the offer at the time when this article was published.

Now, the intertwining operation portrayed here, which is dubbed Auto Aerobics 001, dates back to 2013, with the digital master explaining that the inspiration for the dreamlike work came from taking a walk in New York.

"Auto aerobics began life as a tiny idea for a project about New York. Walking through Brooklyn on a winters evening is a truly memorable experience which motivated me to build a digital 3D model that captured the various details and textures of this location," the artist states on his website.

As it turns out, the Pontiac Executive was supposed to be part of the background, but it became the main focus of the art piece.

"I started abstracting the cars forms by hollowing out the vehicles core, stretching the proportions and experimenting with multiples which over time began to look extraordinary," the pixel wielder explains.

Despite the... negative space in the middle of these machines, we can easily recognize the model. And the fact that the front and rear fascias are still appealing in their new double-and-then-some form is a testament to both Labrooy's work and the quality of the classic design.

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