Politician Promises Trip to the Moon, Helicopter, Robots for Constituents’ Votes

A trip to the Moon is on the list of campaign promises from a shrewd politician in India, but there's a catch 1 photo
Here’s a story to put a smile on your lips and give you some food for thought. A politician has found the perfect platform that, he believes, will help him stand out from his direct rivals.
What kind of incentive would you accept for your vote? It is purely a hypothetical question because no one should ever let themselves be swayed that way. But one politician is willing to test voters’ integrity with a bunch of golden promises.

Would a mini-helicopter do? What about robots that do the work for you? Maybe a trip to the Moon, an early taste of space tourism? A space research center with its own rocket launching pad? Fake snow?

Independent candidate Thulam Saravanan from Tamil Nadu (southern India) has an idea of how to make himself more visible, while pointing out the flaw in his rivals’ campaigns: empty promises. Saravanan promises everything from cars, gold jewelry to newlyweds, new three-story houses, a boat for every family, and even an artificial mountain with artificial snow and iPhones, in his campaign, Business Today reports.

The gist is that he has no intention—or means—to deliver any of these. Instead, he promises the world just to show that this has become a tactic on today’s local political scene.

“My aim is to raise awareness against people falling for freebies by political parties. I want them to choose good candidates who are ordinary humble people,” he says.

He, for one, still lives with his parents and had to borrow money to get in the race. His poll symbol is a trash can, not as some kind of sarcastic self-own, but as a sign that whoever falls for this type of promises might as well throw their vote in the trash.

But a trip to the Moon and a mountain of artificial snow would be nice, without the political strings.
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