Polish Fiat 126p with Tracks Is Crappiest Yellow Tank Ever

We start this leisurely jog down memory lane with a quick mention about the deal between Fiat and Mazda, which kind of faltered. There was supposed to be a new Alfa Romeo Spider based on the new MX-5 but no such model materialized. After that, the rumors said it was going to be an Abarth and now a Fiat 124 Spider is being circulated.
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In a totally random manner we take a J-turn into a story about an old Fiat 126P that's been converted into a makeshift tank. This is one of those weird conversions that's so bad that it actually becomes good.

Now, as you all know, the Italians made some of the worst tanks of World War II. What, you didn't know that? You do now – they were riveted together, not welded, so when they were shot, the occupants were struck by flying bolts. That's why Musolini had to ask Hitler for help to fight the British in Africa.

Polish tanks were just as horrible, which is probably why Nazi Germany conquered the country so quickly. Why are we talking about Polish tanks? Because the Fiat 126p is actually a "Polski Fiat", built there between 1973 and 2000. Words can't describe how horrible there machines were, but instead of being sent to the scrapyard, this particular one ended up being turned into a tank.

The 126p is just over 3 meters long and weighs 0.6 tons, so it's actually even smaller than the current Fiat 500. That's why finding a suitable set of tracks was easy. This bad boy has 10 small wheels and two large ones on each side. Steering is done by moving one track at a different speed to the other, but the movement is about as smooth as a 16-year old with a learner's permit.

You've got to give this cooky Polish inventor some credit though, because he tried to make something nobody else had done before.

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