Police Shoots at Minivan Full of Kids as Mom Tries to Run Away

Seventy-one mph in a fifty-five zone. This was the spark that ignited the fury in the adjacent video, which shows how a mom in New Mexico turned a simple traffic ticket into chaos, also involving her children in the story.
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Oriana Ferell was driving her Ford Windstar outside of Taos, New Mexico on October 28, when she was pulled over by the police. After finding out that she had been going 16 mph over the limit, she starts an acid argument with the officer.

As the policeman goes to the patrol car in order to give her a ticket, Oriana makes a run for it, with her five children aboard. She was obviously pulled over again by the same officer shortly after and this is the point where things got out of control.

She refuses to get out of the minivan and when the policeman tries to pull her out, Oriana’s 14-year-old sun interferes. However, he stops when seeing the cop’s taser.

The whole situation escalates, with the teenager pushing the cop around. A backup car arrives, but the Ferrell had already locked themselves inside the car.

One cop breaks the window with his nightstick, while another shots the rear of the Ford three times - please note that there were five children in the car.

Despite the police’s efforts, Ferell managed to drive off, leading the officers on a four-minute chase before eventually giving up. Upon inspection, the authorities found two marijuana pipes in the vehicle.

The mother is facing multiple charges, from a five-count child abuse to resisting an officer, aggravated feeling an officer, reckless driving and drug possession. In addition, her 14-year-old boy was charged of officer battery.

What’s more, the police has currently opened an internal investigation on the officers that were involved in this incident.

Via: Taos News

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