Police Seize Chinese Gold Car for Being... For Being.

Built to dazzle, an Infiniti G-37 convertible wrapped in gold was. Unfortunately for the owner, the car didn't manage to dazzle traffic police all that much. Or maybe it did, considering they've taken it with them...

On Tuesday, March 29, scores of people flocked to a small busy street in Nanjing, China, to see what their eyes have never seen; a flashy, golden yellow Infiniti G-37 convertible. A Chinese man and a Chinese woman, dressed to impress, stepped out of the car, moved onto the sidewalk and... just stood there.

Their wait was not in vane. You see, the car they've just stepped out of was parked right near the sidewalk, where, of course, parking isn't allowed. Not even for a golden Infiniti G-37 convertible, with two well-dressed passengers.

Soon, police flocked to the scene as well. Unlike the bystanders, who were packing cameras, the police were packing a tow truck. And a pen with which, according to some sources, they slapped the well-dressed couple (the two were still standing there, silent as two statues) with a fine. Soon after, police officers, with their eagle eyes,
noticed that the car had no license plate either.

Therefore, they decided to tow it away. Which they did, under the flashes of the cameras around them. The passengers, still undisturbed, were watching silently from the sidewalk as their flashy ride disappeared into the sun. And traffic.

Now, nobody really knows what that was all about (and if somebody does know, they haven't told us yet). Apparently though, the flashy car was custom made by the owners of a nearby store, who decided, in their wisdom, that this was the only way to attract some traffic to their doorstep.

If you know more, let us know. (PS. To prevent malicious comments: we know Infiniti is not Chinese. But the gold probably is).
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