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Police on Horseback? Not Anymore, Say Hello to the Police Interceptor e-Bike
Just when we thought e-bikes had reached a peak, and things couldn’t get any worse socially speaking, Delfast shocks the world with a police interceptor e-bike. And it’s already in use!

Police on Horseback? Not Anymore, Say Hello to the Police Interceptor e-Bike

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If you haven't heard of Delfast bikes yet, you’re a bit late to the game. Honestly, I was too, until recently that is. What they’ve done so far is set multiple world records for riding distance, power, and speed. Here's how.

The e-bike that has been setting all these records is the Top 2.0 model from the team. However, this particular model is a bit outdated now, as deliveries of the 3.0 are due in April 2021. But we’ll talk about that one on another occasion.

Now, the components are what made the 2.0 a record-breaking bike, giving it some super-bike abilities. It comes with a 5000W motor giving it strong enough acceleration to compete with your average car in the quarter-mile. To understand what that means on a bicycle, the 2.0 has a speed cap of 50 mph (80 kph). 50 miles per hour! When was the last time you heard an e-bike reach top speeds like this? That's right, never. This motor also comes with an IP54 protection standard, allowing it to function in almost any weather and conditions.

As for the battery to feed all this massive power, we find a 72V 48Ah battery with nearly 3.5kWh of juice. This gives you enough range to even forget that you’re riding an e-bike. But more on that later.

Because of all this massive power, the team also needed to redesign braking systems on existing models and eventually adopted the same system used on cross-country motorcycles - dual rotors on the front wheel.

Chances are you are now beginning to understand why this trinket has set world records. Now let’s se what the "5-0" has to do with this.

Well, something this powerful is sure to bring attention to itself whether it wants to or not. Since its arrival on the market, it seems that Delfast has already caught the attention of quite a number of police departments all over the U.S. It’s like they were just walking around minding their own business, and then boom, GTA 5-Star level.

So why are police trading in their motorcycles and horses for this? Here are a few numbers. Apparently, 99% of all police action does NOT include high-speed chasing on a highway with spikes or EMPs and all that stuff. Most of it is somebody getting drunk and getting into a marital brawl, or a TV falling from a window in the middle of the night. Or the occasional old lady walking out of Target forgetting to pay for something. So why use big and fast gas-guzzlers?

The Delfast Top Cop, as the name of the interceptor e-bike goes, seems to be the perfect fit for that 99%. With the same speed cap as the 2.0, it’s perfect for getting around the hood. Its size relative to other existing means of police transportation is also an advantage.

The Top Cop does, however, include a few other options as well. Aside from its massive 174-mile (280 km) range, it also comes with options for a GPS tracker, police horns and lights, remote launch, radio and weapon mount, and anything else on request. ANYTHING ELSE ON REQUEST! I want a grenade launcher with a 50-caliber rear mount all set on a vibration-reduction mount, and a fish-net launcher. Yeah. Fish-net launcher. Anything else? Hmmm. No... actually, I'll take a spike belt.

Now, the last thing some of us want is a silent police force, but it seems we can’t stop this from happening. I’m just curious now to see how lawbreakers are going to switch up their game to accommodate this new-found Po-Po tech.

If you happen to find yourself around Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, you can be on the lookout for these, as beginning with December 3, 2020, Mexicali police received three Top Cops for their force. Don’t worry, they’re not as crazy as I am and they haven't fitted them with a 50-cal or grenade launcher. Although, we’ve heard nothing of the fishnets.


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