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Police Officer Pulls 2015 Mustang GT Over Just to Check Out the Car

Though the sixth generation of America's most iconic pony car has made its official debut last December, the 2015 Ford Mustang is the type of car that makes petrolheads and non-car people rubberneck like crazy. And the Cali Highway Patrol loves it too, apparently.
Police Officer Pulls 2015 Mustang GT Over Just to Check the Car 1 photo
More specifically, two automotive journalists were minding their own business, cruising around, testing an inconspicuous dark grey 2015 Ford Mustang in GT guise. As it happens, the boys pushed the gas a little too hard at a particular moment, letting the V8 sing its song at full volume. Apparently, that made a California Highway Patrol police officer on a bike a curious cookie. As such, he went in pursuit of the Stang. But amusingly, the cop wasn't there to serve and protect, but out of sheer interest for the pony.

The police officer didn't tell 'em to pull over. Instead, he gingerly asked "Mind if I take a look at it?" Of course, the guys chuckled and did just that. But here's the very cool bit of the story: as the cop was dismounting his motor, he went to say: "Sorry guys, I got a '66 Shelby." Moreover, the cop also tells the auto journalists he gets "all the car magazines," so how about that? A petrolhead police officer that has a vintage Ford Shelby Mustang and is curious about the 2015 model year as well is a rare breed indeed.

But who could blame him? The new Stang is pretty good on paper and a good-looking son of a gun too. The GT and its 5-liter Coyote V8 that churns out 435 horsepower and 400 lb-ft is the most potent model you can get at the present moment, that is until the Shelby GT350 and its 5.2-liter SVT-engineerd V8 mill gets into production. In other Ford Mustang news, the sixth generation is expected to upgrade in a year or two from the six-speed automatic it has now to a ten-speed automatic transmission.

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