Police Gives Russian Thugs About to Road Rage a Case of Coitus Interruptus

Yesterday was a sunny day in most parts of Russia, with mild temperatures (slightly below this period's average, if you must ask) and only a few clouds in the sky. That sounds like a perfect day to get into a fight with a fellow driver, then.
What do we say to road rage? Not today 1 photo
A world where Russia doesn't exist - or where anything related to it isn't allowed on the Internet - is a world I wouldn't want to live in. There are plenty of interesting, funny, and ridiculous things happening all over the world, but none are so authentic, so raw and so honest as those made in Russia.

They've got the Stop a Douchebag movement, where regular citizens unite against the jerks who think they're being smart by cutting traffic on the sidewalks. They've got Putin. They've got some of the worst drivers in the world. And, above all, they've got countless cases of road rage, plus the proclivity to install dashcams on their cars. All these mean that the second language spoken in YouTube clips has got to be Russian.

This clip starts just like the other one hundred you've seen so far: two crappy cars with some equally crappy mods and the pretense of being sporty are going at each other, masterfully controlled by their skilled drivers. One feigns to run into the other while the second cuts in front and brakes sequentially until they both come to a complete halt.

Now's when the good part begins. Two guys get off the car in front while the second only sends one representative to the talks. Only judging by the way they're built, there won't be much yapping involved. OK, so we're in for a street version of the UFC, but with three contenders in the cage at once. Wow, it's UFC meets WWF. Pass the popcorn, please.

I won't spoil it for you because it's just too funny when it happens, but if you've ever seen a dog break up a cat fight, then this is certainly going to remind you of that. Only these cats don't even get to begin clawing at each other. That's too bad, I think it would have been a decent fight.


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