Police Chases Topless, Drunk Ohio Woman Doing 128 mph

Throwing a party might seem simple, but it isn't. Let's say you're in the mood for some action, but what is you friends just don't feel the same?
Erin B. Holdsworth mugshot
One Ohio woman seems to have found an unusual answer. Erin B. Holdsworth, 28, decided to hame somw fun in her car, a Mazda, on October 28. Excited with the zoom-zoom driving, she got carried away and hit 110 mph (177 km/h), when she was cloked by the police on Route 422 in Bainbridge, as CNN writes.

At that point she probably confused the situation with one in which you can make new frineds and decided not to stop. The officers engaged a pursuit, with the woman hitting speeds of up to 128 mph (206 km/h). While she was having the time of her life, officers were busy trying to make her to stop and had to shoot her tires in order for this to happen.

Nothing that unusual until now, but this is the point where the story gets really interesting. When she exited her car, Erin was drunk, wearing nothing but tenis shoes and a G-string. The camera mounted in the police car captures the adventure and the woman is now being charged with OVI, DUI, driving with a suspended license, speeding, fleeing and criminal damaging.

Oh and remember that part when we said she was having the time of her life running away from the police? As i turns out, she had made a way of partyin out of this, as she had also been convicted for similar charges in 2004 and 2010.

So, next time you want to start a party, give Erin a call, or, if you want to prove that you're a real friend, talk to the judge about her case.


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