Police Chase Stolen Bulldozer for Four Miles, No Spike Strips Used

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Photo: YouTube screenshot
Stealing construction machinery is slowly becoming a thing among those with inclinations toward a life of crime. We've seen heavy lifters being used to lift heavy ATMs, while others have resorted to the help of backhoes to crack open the same money-filled devices.
Another lost soul stole a backhoe to deal with the drivers that were going too fast, but while people continued to speed, it certainly didn't end well for him. We're telling you: if you have an expensive Lamborghini or any other type of exotic vehicle and fear it might get stolen, park it next to an earth digger and you'll be OK.

The latest in this crazy series is an 18-year-old who somehow managed to find himself behind the controls of a bulldozer. The tracked construction vehicle is probably as close you can get to driving a tank minus the actual gun, as it's virtually impenetrable from the front and it will pretty much drive over anything.

That last bit gets quickly proven in the video below as the bulldozer makes minced meat out of a police cruiser. The officer can be seen running to safety as his vehicle is turned into a pancake of metal, plastic, and glass.

The video description says the chase lasted for four miles, which, considering the vehicle's top speed, means it took the many officers present close to half an hour to bring proceedings to a halt. The worst part is that several vehicles, apart from the police car mentioned before, were damaged during the rampage.

As the video shows, the bulldozer was slow enough for part of the chase to be carried on foot. Far from us to encourage officers to take shots at suspects, but when you have somebody ignoring the repeated calls to stop, running away from the police and causing havoc, wouldn't it be safer for everybody to apprehend him as quickly as possible, by any means necessary?

We realize stopping a bulldozer is not exactly something you find in the police textbook, but catching up with the vehicle, climbing on board and immobilizing the kid driving it couldn't have been that difficult. Well, at least they made that unnecessary tackle at the end when everything was already under control.

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