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Polestar-Inspired 0.5 Transparent Longboard Concept Looks More Like a Work of Art
Urban mobility is changing at an alarming rate, and it's all thanks to technology. However, there are so many ideas and concepts in the world it's hard to even know which is worth investing in to make it a reality.

Polestar-Inspired 0.5 Transparent Longboard Concept Looks More Like a Work of Art

Polestar 0.5 Electric Longboard Remote SetupPolestar 0.5 Electric LongboardPolestar 0.5 Electric LongboardPolestar 0.5 Electric LongboardPolestar 0.5 Electric LongboardPolestar 1 (2019-Present)Polestar 1 (2019-Present)Polestar 1 (2019-Present)Polestar 1 (2019-Present)
One design that caught my attention is a viable concept that could end up being relatively cool and worthy of an investment is Ruairi Phelan's Polestar 0.5 electric longboard, the ride you have before you. To understand what I mean, take a good long look in the gallery and then return to the text to continue this story.

Just so we're clear on one thing, Mr. Phelan created the 0.5 with design and styling cues showcased by Polestar in some of their vehicles. In the end, Polestar had no play whatsoever in the design; it's all Phelan's imagination, research, and designing skill.

Like any longboard, Phelan designed 0.5 to be used on a performance level. His ideation board reveals a helmet design included in earlier project stages, but that doesn't seem to have made it into the final renderings. In the end, it looks like the 0.5 is being marketed as an urban mobility machine.

Since we live in modern times, one aspect of 0.5 is that it's electric. Due to that, the rear houses the battery pack and motors that power only two wheels. With this in mind, we also start to see some of those Polestar cues.

I mentioned that this is where we start to see some Polestar magic, and that's true. On the upper side of the board and at the rear, above the electronics, you'll be able to see a neat little window that reveals the wiring underneath. If you're aware of Polestar 1, you'll understand the design cues right away.

There is no information regarding motor power or battery levels; it is just a concept after all. But one aspect that was given special attention to was the remote used to control your 0.5. A few different ideas were dreamed up before Phelan devised a system that allows a rider to control the board by nothing more than simple movements carried out by the thumb. When you're not riding 0.5, just tuck the controller underneath the board for storage.

Finally, the one feature that sets 0.5 apart from other longboards is its apparent creation from a piece of glass or composite. Best of all, it's see-through. It's quite possible that someone out there thought about designing a board with a see-through look; I just haven't seen it yet. Since your leading foot needs a place to be set down and also needs grip to help direct the board, Phelan included a small square grip pad to help you stay in control of the board.

Now, Phelan also designed the longboard to be the sort of mobility device able to be at your side whenever you need it. To do this, a backpack built with a support system for 0.5 is also part of the ideation board. So is a wall support, completed similarly to the one found on the backpack.

Sure, it may just be a concept, for the time being, that is. For myself, the Polestar 0.5 is the sort of extra that could be given out to future owners of Polestar vehicles. This would be nothing new as several automotive manufacturers offer branded devices to gift their customers. If the future brings this sort of concept to reality, I'll probably be one of the first in line to purchase it.

Editor's note: This article was not sponsored or supported by a third-party. Images in the gallery also include the Polestar 1 vehicle.


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