Polestar C Rendering Will Fight Climate Change in the Street

Polestar C rendering 13 photos
Photo: Franklin via Behance
Polestar C renderingPolestar C renderingPolestar C renderingPolestar C renderingPolestar C renderingPolestar C renderingPolestar C renderingPolestar C renderingPolestar C renderingPolestar C renderingPolestar C renderingPolestar C rendering
Global warming is one of those touchy subjects that everyone not only has an opinion on, but it's also one they strongly believe in. It's basically the same as politics.
If you ask us, arguing over something that's backed by numbers and facts is ridiculous and a complete waste of time, but then again, some people are ridiculous and have plenty of time, so we shouldn't be too surprised it's still a hot topic.

This Polestar concept coming from an independent designer named Franklin makes sense even if you're an environmentalist skeptic because even if you refute the idea of global temperatures rising, you can't deny the fact that pollution exists. Walk around the streets of any city and inhale deeply through your nose, and you'll feel it. Not enough? Then stand behind a vehicle with an internal combustion engine idling and do the same. If you're still conscious, continue reading.

Pollution is very real, particularly in dense urban areas, which is why electric cars are such a great idea even if they're not really 100 percent carbon dioxide-free: at least they eliminate tailpipe emissions and make the air around them more breathable.

None more so than the Polestar C, though. We're going to speculate a little here on the origin of the concept and say that Franklin looked at the air purifier he had in his room (he lives in Shanghai, China, so he's likely to have one) and instantly came up with the idea: "What if I could take it with me when I go outside? Better yet, what if I could actually drive it?"

Yes, the Polestar C is essentially a big air filter that doubles as an EV - or the other way around. It features a large frontal grille, very un-EV-like, only it's not there to funnel the air toward some of its components, but to remove as many harmful particles as possible before releasing it back into the environment.

Of course, there's just one problem with this design: air passing through a filter is going to be slowed down, which means the aerodynamics upfront are going to be messed up pretty quickly. With all EV makers striving for the best drag coefficient you get the impression that's less than ideal.

However, at least the Polestar C looks great. That grille gives it a strange muscle car vibe, reminiscent of the 1966 Dodge Charger models. That long hood is also a novelty for EVs and should make driving the car quite interesting considering you sit so low and far back. Now, go find a diesel truck and do the world a favor by driving right behind it.
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