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Polestar 5 Teased in Video, It Seems to Be the Precept's Production Version

We already know that Polestar's next models will be called 4 and 5, respectively, but an inconspicuous design video has revealed an interesting detail. While the company's exterior design manager, Nahum Escobedo, explains how he designs cars, you can see a model that is called Polestar 5.
Polestar 5 prototype 9 photos
Polestar 5 prototype compared to Polestar Precept conceptPolestar 5 prototype sketchesPolestar 5 prototype compared to Polestar Precept conceptPolestar 5 prototypePolestar 5 prototype/Polestar Precept Concept with additional developmentPolestar 5 prototypePolestar 5 prototypePolestar 5 prototype
You have to watch the video carefully to notice it, but once you see it, it cannot be forgotten. It happens just as Nahum Escobedo speaks about "the production car," while showing an evolution of the Polestar Precept.

With that in mind, it appears that the Polestar Precept's production version will be the Polestar 5. Previous information on the matter revealed that Polestar was going to launch a model called 5 in the F segment (full-size sedans and such). We also knew that it would be a coupé, but it is clear that the production car will be a four-door coupé instead.

The new model should reach the market in 2024, and it is believed that the Polestar 5 will be the direct successor of the Polestar 1 when positioning is concerned. That means that the model inspired by the Polestar Precept will be the brand's next flagship.

Back in September 2020, Polestar did explain that the Precept concept would enter production, but the look of the resulting model is impressively close to the concept vehicle. Just browse hrough the photo gallery to see screen grabs of the exhibited vehicle.

As you can imagine, its design might be changed until its official reveal. This is especially true since the video that has (apparently unintentionally) revealed the Polestar 5 is focused on design, and it reenacts a closed-door presentation between several of the company's designers.

In the real world, no cameras would have a chance at entering the room where new designs are being discussed, not to mention capturing images and posting them online. So no, this is not an unintended reveal, but a teaser meant for those with a keen eye for details.


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