Polaris Slingshot Becomes Legal in Connecticut, Autocycle Status Saves the Day

Polaris Slingshot 1 photo
Photo: Polaris
Great news for those eyeing to buy a Polaris Slingshot and have their ways with it but were based in Connecticut, one of the states that initially banned this ride. It looks like the efforts paid off and the state recognized the new autocycle vehicle category.
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed a bill that would allow the Slingshot to be sold, registered and operated as an autocycle. Back in March we ran a story revealing the legal matters that had led to the ban of the Polaris Slingshot in certain states.

The law can be changed!

The legislative efforts have first proved fruitful in Connecticut, a state where the DMV ruled that a reverse trike was not a motorcycle. Still, the same DMV apparently indicated that a new category of vehicles could be instated by a sustained law-making effort and Polaris took that advice.

On June 5th, the Senate Bill 936, which was also sponsored by the Joint Transportation Committee, received the final signature. The Slingshot will receive a motorcycle license plate but will be operable on public roads with an automobile license. Wearing a helmet is also recommended.

Here's a summary of the SB936:

Vehicle type: Autocycle
  • "Autocycle" means a motor vehicle that meets the requirements of a motorcycle under 49 CFR Part 571
  • Does not have more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground
  • Is designed to be controlled with a steering wheel and foot pedals for acceleration, braking, or shifting
  • Has a seat or seats that are fully or partially enclosed and in which the occupants sit with their legs forward
  • Is equipped with safety belts, in accordance with section 14-100a, for all occupants

Titling: An autocycle is considered to be a motorcycle
Operation: Automobile driver license (Class D)
Insurance: Same requirements as two-wheel motorcycles
Helmets: Same requirements as two-wheel motorcycles.

Who's next on the list of remaining states where the Slingshot is still an iffy matter?
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