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Polaris Crushes Competition With Fast and Capable 225 HP RZR Pro R Side-by-Side
Ladies and gents, whenever Polaris puts out a vehicle, it helps to pay attention. Their latest venture unleashes the new RZR Pro R side-by-side, a beast with a whopping 225 horsepower.

Polaris Crushes Competition With Fast and Capable 225 HP RZR Pro R Side-by-Side

RZR Turbo R Side-by-SideRZR Pro R Side-by-SideRZR Pro R Side-by-SideRZR Pro R Side-by-SideRZR Pro R Side-by-SideRZR Pro R Side-by-Side
That's right, folks; what you have before you is the newest side-by-side from Polaris, the RZR Pro R. Sure, this team has put out side-by-sides before, but the new Pro R is one hell of a machine. Why? Just to give you an idea of what we're dealing with here, know that the Pro R is a 225-horsepower machine. Now you're starting to get the idea.

First off, to make things easier to follow, have a look in the gallery and then come back to the text to get a clear idea of what you've witnessed. All good? Great.

Now, the Pro R is available in four different packages, and as a 4-seater too. Nonetheless, what differs between models are the trim and color packages, starting at 32,000 USD (27,964 EUR at current exchange rates) for the Sport version. At the top of the range, the 41,000 USD (35,830 EUR at current exchange rates) for the Ultimate Launch Edition, which, might I add you, is already sold out.

What makes the Pro R so unique is the motor. Polaris is using its freshly designed ProStar Fury 2.0-liter engine. With a naturally aspirated four-cylinder flow, when you step on it, you'll get the power you want. With the addition of a larger clutch belt and selectable throttle control, you can even play around with the amount of power you have available.

But, all that power will only go so far. Another essence of any side-by-side is its ability to handle terrains of every kind. Well, the Pro R will have no problems taming asphalt, dust, sand, and even rock climbing. This is done by the addition of a Max-Link suspension which Polaris calls their "...strongest, smartest suspension ever developed..."

What does this mean? To kick things off, we can consider the 74-inch (188-centimeter) stance offering stability and control. 32-inch (81-inch) Maxxis Rampage tires offer adequate grip. With a 133.5-inch (339-centimeter) wheelbase, 16 inches (40.6 centimeters) of ground clearance, 27 inches (68.5 centimeters) and 29 inches (73.6 centimeters) of suspension travel, you can do all that you see in the video below.

Making your ride near perfect, boxed steel front A-arms with three-piece stabilizer bars and FOX 3.0 Live Valve X2 shocks offer 27 inches (68.5 centimeters) of travel at the front. The rear sports a similar setup with the addition of high-clearance rods and stabilizer bars with the same Fox shocks bring 29 inches (73.6 centimeters) of travel.

However, the real magic isn't in just the suspension itself, but the control system behind it all. It's called Dynamix DV, and it is a suspension controller that independently adjusts compression and rebound. Four modes are available, including a Rock Mode, each choice tuned for a specific purpose.

Top all that off with an all-new chassis and cage design that yields a one-piece cage built from 2-inch (5.08-centimeter) tubing, and you get a two-fold increase in torsional stiffness. Not only this, but the cockpit is also more spacious, features storage options, and blasts audio through a Rockford Fosgate Audio system.

This story doesn't end here either. If you fall in love with the Pro R and want to order one, you can build your own on the manufacturer's website. However, you can add so many options to your Pro R that I urge you to have some extra bucks ready, and I mean thousands of dollars extra. You can select different doors, fenders, cages, add wenches and coolers, and even change tires and wheels. The options seem to be endless so take your time. After all, you'll be creating one beast of a machine.


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