Pocket-Sized Jeep Avenger SUV Digitally Reveals How Easily It Can Throw a Widebody Punch

Introduced early this fall as Jeep’s tiniest vehicle yet – slotted even below the little Renegade – the Avenger has the honor of being the brand’s first-ever fully-electric model.
Jeep Avenger SUV CGI tuning by ildar_project 13 photos
Jeep Avenger SUV CGI tuning by ildar_projectJeep AvengerJeep AvengerJeep AvengerJeep AvengerJeep AvengerJeep AvengerJeep AvengerJeep AvengerJeep AvengerJeep AvengerJeep Avenger
The subcompact crossover SUV is mainly destined for the European market, and it makes full use of Stellantis's prowess in terms of tiny high riders. As such, it will be a close sibling of the already successful Peugeot e-2008, Opel Mokka-e, or DS Automobiles DS 3 Crossback E-Tense.

Still, Jeep did not seem in a big hurry to open the order books. But now that we also know the ritzy, punishing (for your bank account) prices for the 400-volt electric version with a nicely sized 54 kWh battery (for up to 400 km/249 miles of WLTP range), what else is fresh on the Avenger table? Well, it could be the lesser (100 ponies compared to 154 hp in EV form) mild hybrid version, over in the real world.

Across the virtual realm, meanwhile, there is also Ildar, the digital automotive artist better known as ildar_project on social media, who usually plays with tuned cars. But now the pixel master refocused the CGI brush towards a little SUV. And so, we meet the brawny Jeep Avenger that – in his unofficial vision – can serve the CGI tuning world’s duties without a second thought.

Thus, the pocket-sized fully electric or mild hybrid SUV has gained a thoroughly slammed attitude, a nice set of humongous, contrasting aftermarket wheels, plus an extreme widebody atmosphere. Unfortunately, since there is a singular POV (so far), there is no way of knowing if this is the mild hybrid variant or the fully electric version. Also, a rear depiction would have been nice, as well.

Hopefully, the new Jeep Avenger will turn out successful enough to warrant the real aftermarket realm’s effort to create some nice tuning additions to go along with the OEM goodies. And, of course, a lowered suspension setup, aftermarket wheels, as well as wider fender flares should be top on the priority list, if you want our two cents on the matter.


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