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Plymouth GTX "Speed Racer" Looks Like an F1 Muscle Car

Muscle cars - a simple term that stands for so much more. I mean, what does a 1969 Camaro have in common with a 1971 Plymouth GTX, other than both being half a century old?
Plymouth GTX "Speed Racer" Looks Like an F1 Muscle Car 4 photos
Plymouth GTX "Speed Racer" Looks Like an F1 Muscle CarPlymouth GTX "Speed Racer" Looks Like an F1 Muscle CarPlymouth GTX "Speed Racer" Looks Like an F1 Muscle Car
While the Mustang and Camaro copy each other's homework over the years, the Plymouth GTX does its own thing. It was only really cool for a few model years and didn't follow the typical muscle car formula because it was a big engine in a big car.

We always thought the GTX would be a perfect muscle car for a cool dad. He doesn't do that many burnouts because the tire money needs to go towards the college fund, plus he got the Plymouth just so everybody can fit and it comes with air conditioning.

That reasonable nature goes completely out the door in this rendering by Rostislav Prokop. The digital artist calls this a "GTX Monster." However, we see this as a kind of tribute to the world of cartoon racing. The white paint and red symbol are reminiscent of Speed Racer... or the parody in Dexter's Lab.

Like in the cartoons, this white GTX would be a hand-me-down from the hero's father, modified with some extreme tires and aero elements. It looks like an old F1 single-seater from the '50s and '60s was mixed with muscle car brutality.

Of course, you can't have a cartoon hero without a villain. He needs to be cunning and evil, but somehow connected to the protagonist and fleshed out with redeeming features. Wouldn't it be nice if Rostislav somehow thought about that and also made a sinister GTX?

Enter the RoadRunner GTX "Red Hunter," which takes a different approach to customize this 3D model. No super-sized wheels here, just a widebody kit with air scoops that look like a mix between a Dodge Demon and an Audi RS4.


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