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Pitbull Greenlight Music Video Has Bugatti Veyron Stretch Limo and Lots of Skin

The can't-be-unseen Bugatti Veyron stretch limo we recently showed you was apparently part of a greater swag plan, one that saw Pitbull launching his Greenlight music video a few days ago.
Pitbull Greenlight Music Video screenshot 5 photos
Bugati Veyron Limo in Pitbull Greenlight Music VideoBugati Veyron Limo in Pitbull Greenlight Music VideoBugati Veyron Limo in Pitbull Greenlight Music VideoBugati Veyron Limo in Pitbull Greenlight Music Video
The limo, which comes with a self-explanatory number plate, is just a small part of the octane arsenal displayed in the clip. Fortunately, though, the Bug, which is hopefully a replica and not an actual Veyron that got tortured, seems to be the only please-kill-me contraption used in the making of the clip, but that's only true for the first part of the video.

That's because the crew seen here, which also involves Flo Rida and vocalist LunchMoney Lewis, switches from the closed cockpit single seater and supercar dominated setup to one that involves... plenty of donks.

Don't get us wrong, we're not here to talk about pop culture of Pitbull's music, as we want to focus on the automotive side of the video instead. And we can't help but notice how the clip mixes praise-worthy scenes, such as delivering a retro take on the Porsche 911-BMW i8 adventure, with parts that have to do with questionable car subculture trends, such as the oversized wheels mentioned above.

It seems that the message of the video has to do with working hard in order to get the green light for whatever life goals you've set for yourself. If you ask us, a non-streched Bugatti Veyron will suffice, thank you.OK, but what about the big picture?
Expect to find Greenlight on Pitbull's upcoming Climate Change LP. The album, which is the tenth effort of this kind coming from the Latino artist, is set to debut on October 7th.

Meanwhile, you can check out the video, which has already racked up north of 3 million views on YouTube, by hitting the "play" button below.

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