Pirelli's Sexy "Divas & Shoes" Ad Is All About Rubber and Leather

This time of the year usually sees Pirelli still enjoying the social media fruits of all the Calendar work that the company does in the summer. And with the 2017 Cal preview including Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman and Kate Winslet, it's no wonder people are still talking about the next year's Pirelli Calendar will bring.
Pirelli's Divas & Shoes Ad 7 photos
Pirelli's Divas & Shoes AdPirelli's Divas & Shoes AdPirelli's Divas & Shoes AdPirelli's Divas & Shoes AdPirelli's Divas & Shoes AdPirelli's Divas & Shoes Ad
However, the Italian tiremaker's marketing and PR department isn't exactly resting on its Calendar's laurels - by the way, the 2017 release comes from photographer Peter Lindbergh.

For one thing, the company has launched an unsurprisingly appealing campaign this fall, one that's simply called "Divas & Shoes".

We're dealing with a series of five videos and we've got the first one at the bottom of the page, which is labeled "The Fitting".

The campaign comes from Milan-based company Serviceplan and here's the official description for the first episode: "The 30-second film – the first in a series of five – offers an amusing insight into the demands of the fashion world, where nothing less than Louboutins and Manolos will do. Divas, it seems, hate wearing the wrong shoes."

As one could easily expect, a supercar does appear in the clip and we're dealing with a Lamborghini Huracan. Truth be told, it's a bit off to see the Huracan being cast in the role of a diva.

Don't get us wrong, the V10 temptress has all the right assets for the status. However, we are dealing with the most docile model in the history of the Raging Bull. Heck, with a bit of effort from the driver, the Huracan can even be used as a daily driver.

Nevertheless, we're here to focus on the said commercial - even with Pirelli only choosing to upload the low-res version of the video, the ad remains a delight and we're inviting you to hit the "play" button below.

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