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Pirelli Announces Tire Compound Choices for Three Grand Prix Circuits

Pirelli announced recently what they thought would suit the F1 drivers' demands for the races in Bahrain, Spain and Monaco. For each race, they chose a different combination fo tire compound.
Pirelli F1 Tires 1 photo
At the press release the manufacturer explained that they want to go for soft and medium compounds in Bahrain, soft and hard in Spain and super soft and soft in Monaco.

They think this would be the best choice as for Bahrain the tires will be facing hot temperatures and medium-grip characteristics. For the Spanish Grand Prix, the Italians will bet all on hard compound, coupled with soft tires for the ones that want to adopt a different strategy. Monte Carlo is the slowest and most twisty circuit of the season, so the super soft and soft will ensure the maximum grip possible.

The next race in the 2012 F1 calendar will take place in China and for this event Pirelli offers soft and medium compounds.


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