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Pink Pig Porsche 959 Rendered on Turbofan Wheels Looks Like a Racecar

The Porsche 959 is a Zuffenhausen halo car that so ahead of its time that it holds a special place in the hearts of Porshephiles across the world to this day. Nevertheless, there will always be aficionados seeking that extra touch of exclusivity, which is how we end up with adventures like the one sitting before us.
Pink Pig Porsche 959 Rendered on Turbofan Wheels 1 photo
Before moving any further into the story, allow us to once again state that we are dealing with a rendering. This pixel play is special, though, as it gifts the 959 with the kind of elements that make Porsche fans go crazy.

We'll start with the most obvious one, namely the Pink Pig wrap. These days, the livery is hugely popular, from the carmaker bringing it back to Le Mans and even offering it on the Macan, to tons of wraps like the one portrayed in this render.

Of course, this is a nod to the 917K/20 Pink Pig, a racecar whose attire earned it a special place in the German automaker's history - even the name of the traditional German cuts can be found on this 959, just like in the case of the original.

Then we have the Turbofan wheels of the Porscha. Once again, we're looking at a piece of engineering the company introduced to the racetrack in the 1970s.

Besides from looking neat, the design of the rims allows these to extract air from underneath the vehicle, as well as from inside the wheel well. Thus, it helps keep the temperature of the brakes in check while generating downforce.

This rendering comes from Jonsibal. We're talking about a digital artist whose work we featured on multiple occasions. And if this 959 is a bit too... retro for you, here's another piece coming from the said source. We're referring to a Porsche Taycan Targa, with the 911-inspired electric toy having also been rendered in Turbofan shoes.

You know, the artist is not exactly a stranger to the Porsche crest, since, for instance, he drives an RWB Neunelfer.


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