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Pink Lamborghini Huracan Driven by Taiwanese Woman Causes a Stir

Nowadays, when a new supercar arrives, one can’t help but wonder when and where the first pink example will show up. And no, we’re not talking about raising awareness on breast cancer here. Instead, we are dealing with attention-grabbing moves and the latest example of this comes from Taiwan, where a pink Lamborghini Huracan has showed up.
Pink Lamborghini Huracan Driven by Taiwanese Woman 1 photo
The V10 Bull comes from Taipei and its female driver says it was a gift from her husband. While Lamborghini does have an Ad Personam customization program, we doubt they would ever allow a pink vehicle to roll off the production line in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Regardless, this Huracan comes with a wrap, albeit one that seems to be of top quality.

And while, as we said, Lamborghini doesn’t intend to have its mid-engined machines dressed in pink, the fact that the wealthy husband acquired a Huracan probably isn’t random.Yes, with a few efforts, you can drive a Huracan on a daily basis
For one thing, the Huracan is the first model in the history of the brand that can be used as a daily driver. Sure, you’ll still have to get over the visibility issues and you’ll constantly feel the V10 needs you to stretch its mechanical legs, but it can be done.

Unlike any other Lamborghini before it, Aventador included, the Huracan can be as relaxed as a city car when you’re driving slowly and using the “Strada” driving mode. In fact, Lamborghini might have just built a supercar that’s a bit too soft when it comes to the handling, as we discovered in our Huracan review.

As a result, the carmaker has quietly addressed the V10 vehicle’s understeer issues for the 2016 model, promising a more engaging character. Until that incarnation of the Huracan is released, you can check out a video on the pink Huracan below.

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