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Pink Cars and Retro Girls Will Remind You of the Playboy Lifestyle

Back in the 60s and 70s, people didn't have video games in their pockets, they didn't get to visit foreign places from the comfort of their computer and they couldn't meet "young singles in your neighborhood". How did they ever have fun then?
Pink Cars and Retro Girls 13 photos
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It's simple, they actually saved money, bought a Mustang or… Volvo, got in and drove places. They really met people by dressing up and could comfortably talk to strangers without breaking into nervous sweat or talking about COD achievements. Above all, they really did read Playboy for the articles and the ideas and that's because, back then, ideas were really sexy… and the girls weren't too shabby either.

The beauty above, and we aren't talking about the Mustang, is Donna Michelle. After this spread came out no less than 50 years ago, Ford decided to offer "Playmate Pink" or "Playboy Pink" as a special-order only exterior color applied for its Mustangs. The bunnies who drove them made pink cars famous, but regular customers could order them as well.

Though the 60s and early 70s, Playmates continued to look devilishly sexy next to other pink cars which you can check out in the gallery bellow. Our favorite has to be that lovely Volvo 1800ES Sports Wagon, accompanied by model Marilyn Cole. Because they were the millionaire's car of choice back in those days, Porsche's became a mainstay with the Playboy magazine, especially the 928 coup'.

In 1983, the same year Tom Cruise danced in boxer and ditched a Porsche in Risky Business, Marianne Gravatte looked super-sexy next to one very red example of Stuttgart performance. Pink wasn't cool any more, but popped collars, short dresses and cots with big shoulders were hip. We'd give anything to bring all that plus the pop-up headlights back!


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