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Pininfarina Releases Video to Explain the Foxtron Model E

After Foxconn revealed its three EVs at HHTD21 (Hon Hai Tech Day), we were intrigued by a few things. One was why the Taiwanese giant chose to name its vehicles after historic Ford models. The other was what were the light surfaces on the Model E. A Pininfarina video explains that and a bit more about Foxtron’s flagship.
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Kevin Rice, CCO (chief creative officer) at Pininfarina, is the person in charge of telling us more about what he called smart surfaces. They are on the front, the side, and the rear of the sedan. Their goal is to show messages to other vehicles and passersby. Unfortunately, Rice does not explain how they actually work.

Pininfarina’s CCO lost an excellent opportunity to explain the front design of the Model E. It seems that it allows air to flow behind the front light bar as if the internal part of the hood was a continuation of an air intake. It could as well be just a crease in that bonnet that gives that impression. Thankfully, Hon Hai released a video of the design process that lets us understand that a bit more.

The footage shows the Model E with its hood open. There’s no frunk underneath it, in case you asked, and the hood has an extension downwards that apparently connects the air intake with the inner part of the metal structure. Another image makes it seem that the bit behind the light bar is hollow, allowing air to pass there. We’d only be sure about it if we could check it personally.

Rice then gives us a glimpse of the interior design and states the Model E has a face-recognition entry system. That’s pretty much it when it comes to information about the car. Pininfarina also said it built the vehicle entirely at its atelier in Cambiano, where the Italian studio designs cars for other companies as well, such as HK (Hybrid Kinetic).

Although the videos help us understand a bit more about the EV flagship Foxtron plans to manufacture, it would be fantastic if Rice spent less time using adjectives to describe the vehicles and focused more on what makes them wonderful, fantastic, etc. We'd also love to hear about the Ford names, but that's something only Hon Hai can clarify.

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