Pinea Camper Brings Your Bedroom Wherever You Want it to Be

Leave it to a group of architects is what they said. I couldn’t agree more. A so-called group of architects out of Spain have put together a mobile, well not a home, but rather, a room.
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Pinea Mobile SuitePinea Mobile SuitePinea Mobile SuitePinea Mobile SuitePinea Mobile SuitePinea Mobile Suite
2020 has brought up all kinds of contraptions for us to enjoy once mobility restrictions are lifted. One of those is the Pinea Mobile suite. Pinea is a group of architects out of Spain that have looked to offer the comfort of your home or bedroom rather, anywhere in the world.

What we see is a camper trailer that comes fully equipped with all you need for a relaxing weekend, possibly even week. Think about this for a second. You and your other decide it’s time to take a break from working and just travel round for two weeks. You’ve managed to save up some cash since you’ve been mostly indoors working, and have enough to for gas, food, water, and even housing if needed.

But then you realize that outside, hitched to your mid-sized sedan or SUV is the Pinea, and your housing money won't be needed unless you plan your travels in monsoon season. That being said, let's go a little further. You leave town and head to the nearest coastline. Along the way however, you stop and spend one night under a lonely tree in the middle of a field. The next morning you’re woken by the sound of birds and the wind rushing through dried wheat.

Pinea Mobile Suite
You look to your right, wake her up, and give a kiss. You roll out of bed, not worried at all about any sort of critters that might have crawled in during the night, the mosquito net and awnings took care of that, open up the fridge and enjoy an ice-cold coffee while soaking up the sunrise out of bed. You sit there for 15-20 minutes just looking out onto life.

Packed up, you hit the road to continue your journey. You finally get to the sea and unhitch the trailer. to the sea atop a cliff edge that drops down directly into the waters below. It’s already about 6p.m. and diner time. Inside we find a dining room with seating for two and kitchen cabinets with dishes. How does it feel to be enjoying dinner on the edge of a cliff from the comfort of your room, hearing the waves crash below as the sun sets?

Now, we don’t have any sort of shower or sink in the vehicle, so washing may need to be offered by that extra cash. But in case you do need to wash some absolute necessities, a rainwater tank is equipped.

Pinea Mobile Suite
The flooring is offered by natural cork to offer a warm and soft step. Afterall, it is a bedroom, and you usually walk around barefoot through the space. If you feel like reading a book or even watching a movie in bed while on the edge of a cliff, you can. A reading light plus two plugs for mobile devices are available, powered by a battery. But a battery can only go so far, so atop the camper we find a 50W solar panel designated only to the battery.

But I feel we may have an issue, not sure. We are unable to find any mention as to whether the device is foldable or modular. So far it seems that this mobile bedroom is moved from destination to destination as is, open.

But get this, if you find yourself in Spain, click here, and look into bookinng one of these for a few nights.

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